Rigpa Endowment Fund: Scope According to the advice of some great Tibetan masters, the current focus of the Endowment Fund will be supporting the following key aspects of Rigpa’s work and future:

1.     The training and support of practitioners, scholars, translators and teachers who will continue the traditions of study and practice established by Rigpa, for the benefit of future generations.

2.     Preserving and making available the unique collection of teachings given by renowned Buddhist masters within Rigpa, during the past three decades.

3.     The support and development of Dharma centres throughout the world that are connected to Rigpa, in particular, those centres dedicated to retreat, transmission of the teachings, and care for the elderly, sick and dying.

4.     The creation of communities where senior members of the Rigpa Sangha and other Buddhist practitioners can spend the remaining years of their life deepening their spiritual path, and devoting their time to retreat, study and practice. These objectives may change and evolve over time, according to prevailing circumstances, and the vision and priorities established by the Rigpa Vision Board.

The distribution policy of the Endowment Fund will be made known to donors and via the Terton Sogyal website, where a fuller description of the beneficiary projects and centres will be detailed.