Tertön Sogyal Foundations

How to Support the Foundations

To be able to continue to support Rigpa’s work, it is vital to ensure growth within the funds so that an increasing number of students are able to study and practise and develop their knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism long into the future.

The Gift of Wisdom          

Make a donation in your currency

Donations in US Dollars directly online

Donations in Euros directly online
You can also make one-time or monthly donations in euros to the Study & Practice Grants, the Light of Dharma Grants or the Elders Grants in Euros.

Donations in British Pounds
Please send an email to info@terton-sogyal.co.uk 

Bank and money transfers

For details on bank or money transfers and any questions or personal advice please send an email to donations@rigpa.org

Remember the Tertön Sogyal Foundations in your will

By remembering the Tertön Sogyal Foundation in your will, or by making a donation, you can make a vital and lasting contribution to Rigpa’s mission to bring the Buddhist teachings to the modern world in the most accessible and relevant way possible.

If you have any questions about making a donation or leaving the Trust in your will, please send an email to: legacies@rigpa.org

Thank you for your generosity!