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Address: 330 Caledonian Road,
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Email: info@terton-sogyal.co.uk

Tertön Sogyal Trust Board Members

Charitable Status of the Trust

The Tertön Sogyal Trust UK is a registered Charitable Company
– Registered number: 1059323
– Company number: 03245152

More information about the Trust and annual reports are to be found at the UK Charity Commission.

Averil Schram gained a wealth of experience in the areas of health and social care, finance and management, through the different roles she held within organisations such as the UK NHS, and as International Office manager for Overseas Financial Services (OFS) Jakarta Indonesia. Gaining further experience as PA to an International Socio-Economist and latterly as Managing Director of a Social enterprise in the UK third sector.

Starting as a Rigpa student in 2004, she completed the Intensive Home Retreat concluding with the 2012 two-month retreat in Lerab Ling. During the same period she co-managed a UK Rigpa centre and intends to use all of this experience to further the aims and goals of the Tertön Sogyal Trust.  

Ralph Hodgson is a photographer, film maker, trainer and educator who has worked with charities and NGO’s involved with humanitarian concerns in the UK and the developing world since 1991. He became a Rigpa student in 1994 and volunteered as an instructor at the London Centre for many years. Ralph participated in the Home Retreat parallel programme and the three-month retreat at Lerab Ling.

Mark Da Silva became a trustee in 2021. Mark started as a Rigpa student in 1997 and completed the home retreat parallel programme from 2006-2013. Mark is a pension scheme actuary and partner with Barnett Waddingham LLP, providing advice to UK pension scheme trusts on their funding and governance arrangements. Mark also has a musical background as a jazz and big band trombone player.

Annual Financial Reports

Since the Tertön Sogyal Trust was founded in 1996 they were right away able to disburse grants funded by donations and by investments.

In 2021, the other Tertön Sogyal foundations and Rigpa also started disbursing grants. Since then, Study and Practice Grants have supported many Rigpa students to take part in retreats, Shedra courses and practice training. Light of Dharma Grants have supported the development of numerous innovative projects including the new Rigpa Curriculum, online courses and the collation and preservation of teachings.