Tertön Sogyal Foundation

Why make a Will

Making a Will is one of the most practical ways we can prepare for our death. It is also one of the most significant and lasting ways we can express our love and care for those things that matter most to us in our life—our families, friends and loved ones, and our ideals and values.

According to the Buddhist teachings, it is extremely important to give up all our worldly attachments at the moment of death, in order that we can die in peace and equanimity.

Furthermore, giving away our wealth and possessions, in a true spirit of generosity, can be an act of profound spiritual significance—one that will help ensure we accumulate tremendous merit for our future lives.

What if we don't...

If we neglect to make a Will, this can cause unnecessary anxiety and confusion for those closest to us, at a time when they need to take care of all the arrangements following our death. 

Moreover, our wealth may not be distributed as we would have wished; at worst it may even be reclaimed by the government.

If you like personal advice or would like to talk about leaving the Tertön Sogyal Foundation in your will, please send an email to admin@terton-sogyal-usa.org

How your gift supports Rigpa's work

An individual can decide to leave all or part of his/her cash, bank accounts, apartment, stocks and shares, antique furniture, jewellery or other articles of monetary value to one of the Terton Sogyal Foundation after they pass away.

The value of your legacy will be invested in Rigpa’s Endowment Fund and added to a principal which will enable the Foundation to support Rigpa’s Dharma projects and the study and practice of individual students for many years into the future.

Will or Testament

Any money and property that you wish to be distributed after your death is known as your legacy or bequest, or more generally in legal terms as your estate.

A will or testament is the legal instrument that permits you to make decisions on how distribution of your estate will be managed. Your will states the people or organizations that you wish to be the beneficiaries of your estate and who the executor will be, that is: who will distribute your estate to the beneficiaries.

What is most helpful?

In general, it is most helpful if your gift is not designated for a specific purpose. This allows the  Board of the Tertön Sogyal Foundation maximum flexibility,  to allocate grants where they will have the greatest effect and benefit, at any given moment in time.